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  • Fake Grass Carpet for kids room Great Ideas for carpet in kids room made of nature inspired elements.

    Using an artificial grass rug in your kids room is a great idea of using nature inspired elements (green grass like rug, sun light fixture, tree murals on the walls, flower lights, birds and other stuffed animals, etc) to give the feeling of being outdoors. That is a way to get a playroom colorful and fun, while still […]

  • Fake Grass Table Decorations Decorate your Party table with artificial grass

    Cover the table with artificial grass as a fun garden-like tablecloth. With a little a bit of creativity you can create yourself a stunningly decorated table for any type of party you are throwing. You can choose the garden theme as a theme for birthday parties or something similar.  Bellow you can find images which […]

  • Fake Grass vs Real Grass – What are the differences ? Artificial turf is not a long-standing alternative to a living grass, but there are some pretty objective opinions that are justifiably used in its favor. In this article we will try to explain some of the differences between the two into perspective.

    In some places where the climate is dry, water deficiencies are the reason why the large suburban lawn is considered a luxury, so less people can afford it. A garden in which most of its area is covered by grass is becoming more and more unsustainable in terms of water consumption and the resulting costs. […]

  • Fake Grass Decor – Decorate your home with artificial grass

    Fake Grass Decor Unless thoroughly inspected, it is very hard to tell the difference between real grass and fake grass. Originally developed for outdoor use, most especially in lawns, gardens and sport grounds, fake grass has come a long way now that it is also being used indoor to add décor and design in one’s […]

  • Fake Grass for Yard – Ideas for a beautiful backyard

    Fake Grass for Yard It is always a pleasure to have a slowing-down moment in a yard with well-maintained grass. However, this is not always achievable if the location has a humid temperature, poor water supply or limited shade. Not to mention that to keep an immaculately-kept grass is tedious, given that strenuous and expensive […]

  • How to Install Fake Grass

    Fake grass has come a long way since the day it was developed, and more and more homeowners are considering the wonderful benefits of installing artificial grass in their gardens, lawns, yards, and even the indoor parts of the property. There are a lot to like in fake grass, also known as artificial turf, such […]

  • Fake Grass Rug – The new carpet for your living room

    Fake grass, commonly called artificial turf, has evolved its use over the years. What started out as an excellent option over natural, real grass mainly used outdoors in fields and gardens, fake grass is now also being used indoors for a variety of reasons. The demand for fake grass has become high, and this is […]

  • How to Lay Fake Grass

    How to Lay Fake Grass Fake grass can never replace real, natural grass, but it cannot be denied that artificial grass has achieved certain level of popularity in recent years. With its easy-to-maintain feature and unfading vibrancy, it is never hard to figure why fake grass has become a favorite choice of discerning homeowners. Also […]

  • Fake Grass Cost – Cheap Artificial Grass or High Quality ?

    Fake Grass Cost Giving a home a new look can be very exciting, most especially if fake grass will be installed to give the house a face lift. May it be indoor or outdoor home styling, artificial grass can be the perfect choice. But before anything else, knowing how much does fake grass cost must […]

  • Fake Grass Carpet – Artificial Turf Rug

    Fake Grass Carpet Fake grass has become a staple feature in the modern homes. Also known as artificial grass or artificial turf, fake grass has also become the best solution for children’s playgrounds, indoor recreational centers and outdoor activity areas. Fake grass has gained popularity due to its appearance that has a very close resemblance […]