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How do you maintain artificial grass? How To Look After Your Artificial Lawn

You have been reading a lot about the newest artificial grass trends and you are just not that convinced that it is the right solution for you? The text below might change your mind once you see how easy it is maintaining it to look as good as the day you installed it.

How do you clean artificial grass?

With all the advantages fake turf is offering, is it really possible to maintain it more easily than the real grass? Since this sounds too good to be true, we have done some research for you, so get ready to be amazed!

If you decided to set up fake turf in your yard but you have a lot of trees and pets, worry not. A regular leaf blower is in your service. Yes, it is that simple. Fallen leaves, branches and even pets fur can be cleaned in a few moves as if they were never there. Artificial grass can’t be damaged by this form of cleaning and it is usually recommended for larger debris.

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Unfortunately, a leaf blower is not as efficient when it comes to dust or specific spills. However, there is something every household has and it is a garden hose. By using low-pressure water from the hose, it is possible to rinse the entire surface of the artificial grass. Make sure not to use too much water pressure since it can damage delicately designed synthetic fibers. Sweeping the hose in a circular motion will get the most out of your investment, it will keep it clean and shining.

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If you placed a fake turf on the ground where children play or where there is a lot of walking, the question in place is how to maintain the grass straight and sharp? A simple tool such as a broom or a rake will solve this problem. Once in a while, when you have spare time, gently go over the turf and you will see the results immediately.

Can you vacuum artificial grass?

There are a few concerns when it comes to vacuuming fake turf. As you know, before placing the grass, you need to set up a base that ensures its softness and time span. Using a vacuum cleaner could suck all the base and infill up which would require additional repairs. Another thing to worry about is the adhesive substance underneath the synthetic grass. Vacuuming may lead to separation of the grass from the ground that may lead to accidents. However, recently there has been some words about vacuum cleaners created to clean artificial grass, but whether they are that good, it is still early to tell.

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Can you use bleach on artificial grass?

Our advice is to avoid this type of maintenance. Bleach is a strong chemical substance used daily in many households and, as such, should be kept away from children and pets. When it comes to using it on the synthetic turf, there are two most important things you should be familiar with.

First of all, mixing bleach with other chemicals could lead to creating a substance toxic for both animals and humans. The chlorine in some detergents is known to disintegrate organic materials forming ammonia which, combined with bleach, can cause serious respiratory issues.

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Another thing to worry about is a possible damage of the fake grass. Depending on the quality and manufacturer, it may be challenging to clean the artificial turf with bleach. Instead of that, use cleaning products made specifically for surfaces such as synthetic turf. Cleaning products might cost a bit more, but they will pay off.

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